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Four distinct, eco-system businesses work together to provide our customers with the best digital lead generation and business development technologies available.  


We help seekers make sh*t happen on their job sites by sourcing from our suppliers. Our platform matches suppliers & seekers together based on capability, availability and location. We are the largest platform in the world, with the highest inventory & visitorship. Learn more at iseekplant.com.au.

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We deliver a great customer experience through bundled service provision to iseekplant's supplier customers, that increases retention and expands the ecosystem's search saturation. Visit Constructiv Digital.

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We provide iseekplant's supplier customers with a cashflow friendly alternative to paying upfront, and working cashflow to iseekplant to facilitate scaling.

We run our businesses independently to maximise their growth, unit-economics and ensure the best possible customer service.


  • 19,718 construction suppliers
  • 375,245 Machines & Services listed
  • $1 billion in gross merchandise value

iseekplant was established in 2011 and is now the world’s largest construction hire marketplace. It is the gateway through which all our customers come, and is the enabler business in our ecosystem. Thousands of businesses use our marketplace as part of their everyday operations, either to find suppliers or respond to business opportunities.

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Constructiv Digital

  • Over 600+ websites built
  • ​$2.5 billion in work opportunities generated for our customers every year

We provide digital services to our customers in a variety of ways - one of those is through our internal digital agency - Constructiv Digital. Constructiv Digital provides digital services and lead-generation products to construction and industrial service businesses across Australia, to help them lower the cost of their business development activities.

Construction Financial Services

Our financial services business - Construction Financial Services - provides our customers with a “Buy-Now-Pay-Later” solution for purchasing iseekplant and Constructiv Digital services on 12, 24, and 36-month terms. Our customers benefit from purchasing our incredibly affordable services in a way that suits their cash flow with easily payable monthly instalments.

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Our investors

Constructiv Technologies has attracted investments from Macquarie Group, Position Partners, Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), and Seven Group Holdings. These investments have played a key role in allowing us to evolve into the Constructiv Technologies Group.
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